‘Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly’ goes the Broadway love song. Well, The Salvation Army Times Square Theatre 315 gotta perform plays, and tonight they did just that, again. After the dark grip of a pandemic and 18 months of varying lockdown restrictions, in a small way we felt, for the first time ‘Broadway is back baby!’

The show must go on. So, well done home director Christopher Monroe, guest director Barrett Hileman and host producers, Captains Jon and Margaret Quatela, for lateral creative thinking, by bringing the show outdoors, with the lawn and leafy vine backdrop of the 48th…

Max DePree, Dell Publishing, New York, 1992

Any book credited by Bill Clinton as ‘astonishing’ is worthy of investigation. Enjoyment of jazz and interest in workplace organization also piqued my interest. I was not disappointed.


The writer — a man of Christian faith and a former CEO — communicates the ‘big idea’ with the flourish of an artist. He is concerned with the ‘soul’ of the organization, the leader and the followers. …

What is our Salvationist doctrinal personality?

A universal truth is that we become like the object of our devotion.

If we serve a violent god, we become aggressive. If we are devoted to pleasure, we become hedonistic. However, if we commit to the God of love, dare we beieve that we can become more loving?

So, we can ask ourselves: ‘What evokes my passion?’ ‘Where do I spend my time?’ And, ‘What personality is being fashioned in me as a result?’

Denominational Personality

Let’s expand the idea a little further. What impact does theology have on a community of faith? What personality evolves from a system…


Justice is a biblically defined, theological, Christian issue. It is not a human construct.

So, it is Scripture that determines what the justice issues are. This gives a distinct authority and delineates what justice is, and what it is not.

This is so integral to humans that we carry within us an innate sense of right and wrong, a conviction that oppressors should be held accountable and the weak protected.

We instinctively want justice.

Around us we see a world that is fallen and filled with injustice. …

1. Unprecedented international response to global pandemic surpasses 100 countries including greatly increased frontline social relief, global call to prayer, extensive social media outreach, innovative musical creativity and uninterrupted proclamation of the gospel.

2. Global response to Black Lives Matter movement with public commitments to ethnic equality and diversity by international leaders, positional statement deployment, task force creation and Racial Justice Summit in Chicago, USA.

3. New International Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Response Strategy, Fight for Freedom, launched in September — already a recognized leader in the field, this is the first coordinated global response by The Salvation Army.

The Stages of Life by Caspar David Friedrich, 1834

Ethically Speaking — The Sanctity of Life

A Delivery Room, a Bridge and an Electric Chair

Decades before the pre-natal technical wizardry of today my matron aunt, serving at the Salvation Army Mother’s Hospital on London’s east end, used to recall that often it was only at the time of delivery that infant deformities would be realized.

In the drama of that moment the delivery team faced the implications of life and death. What kind of life would this person have? What would be the demands on the parents? Would this person suffer?

And yet she told me, the delivery…


Martin Luther famously said we need 3 conversions — heart, mind and purse. In so doing he raises an ethical question — the role of money.

There are many such questions.

Simply put, Christian ethics applies the framework of our faith to the demands and choices of human existence.

  • It is as simple as applying what we believe with day-to-day decisions.
  • It is as complex as the response of a movement to multi-layered global issues.

We can easily make ethical choices based on feelings, cultural pressure or the avoidance of discomfort. …

The train of his robe filled the temple.

I suppose it all began for me when I read Richard Foster’s classic book ‘The Celebration of Discipline’ where in the final chapter he flips it all around and urges ‘the discipline of celebration.’ Clever, I thought.

Part of that final idea includes worship, that which I’d done so dutifully basically every Sunday since childhood. Aha, that was a clue, ‘dutifully.’

Around the same time I attended a ‘Worship’ class, mandatory for every seminarian. …

Munjoy Hill Eastern Promenade, Portland, Maine


Back in a dim and distant past I was a Phys. Ed. major — seems downright extraordinary now, but at the time for a strange season it fit. In a fluke I was accepted into a top-notch Phys. Ed college, and so got used to high octane calisthenics, cross training and all-round physicality.

It was not meant to be, clearly. I moved into more cerebral, mystical and aesthetic pursuits. But, I was imprinted — inside this scrawny frame was a toned athlete, raring to race around the track, spike a game winner or stick a perfect landing.

I maintained…

Richard Munn

Richard and Janet serve as directors of The Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission in New York City

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